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We have taken up the challenge to deliver environmentally friendly technologies to the North and Central America regions based on the manufacturing and distribution of YUKEN surface treatment products.

Join us in providing this amazing technology that YUKEN has formulated together with OEMs from the automobile and electronics industries over more than half a century.


If you are proactive and self-motivated, consider a job that supports automobile and electronics device makers all around the world, putting limited resources to good use based on the manufacture and distribution of YUKEN surface treatment chemicals.
We are seeking talented people who are willing to pursue their goals together with YUKEN America.

Job Openings

General Manager

General Manager

Job Opening Type

General Manager – Plan, direct, and manage the Company’s operations activities in the auto metal finishing industry. Develop new business and accounts and coordinate daily activities to assure compliance with company policies and objectives by managing the team using knowledge of surface treatment chemicals and electro zinc plating process. Prepare financial analysis reports and present to management. Review financial statements and sales activity reports using knowledge of locating, selecting and procuring raw materials and resources in the auto industry and hazardous materials as defined by DOT and IATA. Perform business development. Visits existing and potential customers to evaluate their needs and promote company products. Plan sales promotions, set sales goals, compare performance to goals, and adjust goals as needed. Provide on-the-ground support for sales team as they generate lead and close new deals. Develop and implement new sales initiatives, strategies and programs to capture key demographics. Monitor and review employees’ work activities through individual meetings, departmental and group meetings to ensure that all activities are proceeding smoothly as planned. Motivate, develop and mentor employees for improved job performance. Conduct hiring interviews, performance reviews, and disciplinary meetings and make departmental personnel decision through consultation of senior management. Identify training needs and ensures proper training is developed and provided. Develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive preventative safety program. Oversees all daily operations of company ensuring policies and procedures are followed. Supervise three positions: Technical Manager, Factory Manager and Administrative Assistant.


Requirements: Master’s Degree or foreign degree equivalent in Business, Economics, Finance or Chemistry and two years’ experience in position or two years’ experience in management in auto metal finishing industry (or Bachelor’s Degree and five years’ experience).


Special requirements: Experience in surface treatment chemicals; electro zinc plating process; preparing financial analysis reports and presenting to management; reviewing financial statements and sales activity reports; planning sales promotions; locating, selecting and procuring raw materials and resources in auto industry; and hazardous materials as defined by DOT and IATA.

Any Applicant who is interested in this position may apply by regular mail (including Reference Number 10008) to:


Ms. Denver
YUKEN America, Inc.
40000 Grand River Avenue, Suite 108
Novi, MI 48375

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