Water-soluble corrosion-resistant agent

ALUNION MEA is a temporary corrosion-resistant agent for finishing of steel and cast iron parts. Use by diluting with water prevents onset of rust in water and air.


  • Improves the corrosion resistance of cleaning process in the heat treatment line.
    (1) Maintains corrosion resistance that otherwise is reduced due to mix-in of anti-cementation agent.
    (2) Corrosion-resistance enhancement by tempering.
  • Provides superb corrosion-resistant finish after various cleaning processes.
  • Usable in various ways such as immersion, bubbling and spray due to low foaming property.
  • High volatility produces little chemical residue after drying.
  • Processed parts have no tackiness after drying.

Product Specifications


Appearance Transparent liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 0.5 - 50%(higher concentration provides greater resistance to corrosion)
Temperature 50 - 80°C


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