Liquid alkaline cleaner

PAKUNA ELECTOR LAA / PAKUNA 239-NA is a two-liquid type alkaline cleaner used with automatic replenishment systems.
It can be used in cleaning processes prior to plating, due to its effectiveness in removing contaminants like mineral oil.

  • Formulated as a two-liquid type cleaner, replenishment can be adjusted according to the drag-out amount and consumed components.
  • Depending on the two-liquid bath makeup concentrations, 3 methods for grease removal are available, namely alkali immersion, alkali electrolysis and electrolysis.

Product Specifications


Appearance Light yellow liquid(PAKUNA ELECTOR LAA)
Light yellow liquid(PAKUNA 239-NA)

Usage conditions

ItemGrease removal by alkaline immersionGrease removal by alkaline electrolysisGrease removal by electrolysis
Concentration to be usedELECTOR LAA 40 g/L 80 g/L 160 g/L
PAKUNA 239-NA 35 g/L 55 g/L -
Bath temperature 50 - 60°C 30 - 50°C
Time 5 - 15 minutes 3 - 10 minutes 0.5 - 5 minutes
Agitation Mild bubbling -
Electric current density - Anode 0.1 - 0.5 A/dm2 Anode 1 - 5 A/dm2



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