Phosphate-free silicate-free electrolytic cleaner for steel

PAKUNA ELECTOR QC-2SKA has superior chelating performance for removal of various types of contaminants, leading to improved plating finish and reduced plating defects. 
Has low COD for wastewater treatment and exhibits excellent characteristics in neutralization and sedimentation of heavy metals. Also, its liquid state simplifies bath makeup and replenishment.

  • Excellent compatibility with wastewater treatment without negative effect on sedimentation of metals and floc.
  • Powerful cleaning action for removal of contaminants such as buffing compounds and smut.
  • Plated surface with very attractive luster can be obtained.
  • Low COD. COD value is equivalent to degreaser immersion-type.
  • Usage at room temperature makes it economical as no heating is required.
  • Its liquid form simplifies bath makeup and replenishment.

Product Specifications


Appearance Light yellow - brown liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Metals for processing Steel
Concentration PAKUNA ELECTOR QC-2SKA 30 - 100 g/L
Caustic soda 40 - 60 g/L
Temperature Normal temperature to 50°C
Time 30 - 180 seconds
Polarity Cathode, anode, PR (positive is main electrode) method
Electric current density 3 - 10 A/dm2


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