Neutral water-based cleaner

PAKUNA FD-137N is a neutral-type very safe cleaner which quickly removes contaminants such as mineral oils, and animal and vegetable oils adhering on different materials.

  • Neutral cleaner formulated with a special surfactant for superior removal of contaminants such as oil deposits.
  • Suitable for cleaning parts adverse to sodium ions (Na+). Its neutral property has no corrosive effects on various materials.
  • Easy to work with since it is neutral and no fumes are produced during bath makeup and replenishment.
  • Auto-replenishment is possible with the automatic equipment controls.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic. Safe work environment as compared to solvents.
  • Use by diluting with water reduces the consumption amount and cost, as compared to undiluted solvent.
  • Does not contain any silicates so no silicate residues on processed parts.
  • Wastewater treatment is simple as it does not contain any constituents that affect the sedimentation and flocculation of heavy metal ions.
  • Grease, rust and black scales can be removed simultaneously by adding to hydrochloric acid.

Product Specifications


Appearance Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Bath makeup concentration 10 - 100 ml/L
Process temperature Room temperature - 60°C
Cleaning duration 1 - 30 minutes


The above are the standard usage conditions. May vary depending on the state of the oil and dirt to be removed.


Inquiry about the product

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