Water-based cleaner for machining

PAKUNA FD-201AA is an immersion-type liquid cleaner that exhibits high cleaning power in low temperature conditions and at low concentration, and complies with PRTR regulations.
Also usable for spray cleaning due to its low foaming property.

  • Does not contain any PRTR-regulated substances.
  • Heating costs can be reduced due to cleaning efficiency at low temperature.
  • High cleaning power can be achieved at low concentration, when used with jet stream or air agitation.
  • Low-pressure spray cleaning is also possible.
  • Superior in dissolution of oil.

Product Specifications


Appearance Light yellow slightly turbid liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 10 - 50g/L
Bath temperature Room temperature - 50°C
Time 1 - 30 min (immersion)
2 - 30 sec (spray)


Inquiry about the product

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