Sealer for trivalent chromium black passivation


  • Finishing agent that contains trivalent chrome for trivalent chromium black passivation.
  • Ideal finishing after trivalent chromium black passivation.
  • Produces superb appearance.
  • Enhances resistance to scratches and corrosion.
  • Conventional chromating equipment can be used.

Product Specifications


Appearance Dark green acidic liquid (METASU CR-UA)
Colorless transparent neutral liquid (METASU CR-I)

Bath makeup conditions

<For barrel>

Chemicals used Usage range
METASU CR-UA 100 – 250ml/L
METASU CR-I 0 – 20ml/L

<For rack>

Chemicals used Usage range
METASU CR-UA 30 – 80ml/L

Usage conditions

Item Range Remark
Process temperature 30 – 45°C
Process time 3 – 5 seconds
pH 3.5 – 4.5
Agitation Yes Use air agitation or pump agitation.
Drying Yes Dry at high temperature (80°C and above). Recommended drying time is 5 minutes or more.



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