METASU YC-B17J / B2 / S15

Chrome-free high corrosion-resistant coating agent


  • Does not contain harmful metals like hexavalent chromium and rare earth elements.
  • High corrosion resistance of 2000 hours or more is achieved before red rust is observed (SST JIS: Z-2371).
  • Reduces recess-fill problems.
  • Superior resistance to scratches and corrosion.
  • No hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Lower baking temperature compared to conventional coating process that contains hexavalent chromium.

The benefits described above are results obtained at YUKEN, and performance in customer environment needs to be verified separately.

Product Specifications


Appearance Silver liquid (METASU YC-B17J)
Light yellow transparent liquid (METASU YC-B2)
Colorless transparent liquid (METASU YC-S15)

Bath makeup conditions

Chemicals used Usage Standard bath makeup ratio
METASU YC-B17J Primary agent 18Kg
METASU YC-B2 Secondary agent 450g
METASU YC-S15 Dilution agent Recommended amount

Usage conditions

Item Standard usage conditions
Baking temperature 260 – 300°C
Baking time 30 minutes or more (to keep parts at above temp.) 1

Replenish conditions

Chemicals used Standard bath makeup ratio
METASU YC-S15 Recommended amount

Replenish with a well-mixed solution prepared according to the operational manual.


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