Additive to reduce total friction coefficient for trivalent chromium passivation

METASU YFA-L is an additive formulated to reduce the total friction coefficient when added to a trivalent chromium passivation agent.
The corrosion resistance and wastewater treatment of the trivalent chromated coating are not affected.


  • The total friction coefficient can be lowered by direct addition to the trivalent chromium passivation agent.
  • Corrosion resistance and wastewater treatment are not affected.
  • The surface may take on a slightly darker tone as compared to normal processing.

Product Specifications


Appearance Reddish-brown slightly turbid liquid

Usage conditions

Chemicals used Addition amount
METASU YFA-L 0.3 – 5ml/L
Add a small amount each time to a well-stirred solution.
The total friction coefficient decreases with the addition of METASU YFA-L, and converges to a constant value in the end.
There is no noticeable change in the value with further amounts added.

Replenish conditions

Chemicals used Replenishment reference (standard)
METASU YFA-L 0.5 – 1.0ml/100dm2

Verify before addition as replenishment amount differs for each line.


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